Our Story

The Goal Behind the Brand

 Rodeo Naked Established in 2015, trying to keep  the cowboy dream alive by creating a new fashion trend to help support the cowboys and cowgirls of our future generation of talented riders.

More Than Just a Brand

A Fashion Trend with meaning, Rodeo Naked is a means to be Free and Rodeo by giving back to those who are dedicated to the sport of Rodeo and the western way of life, while adding a new fashion.

Growing and Growing

The Brand has reached over 40+ Countries and landed in stores for such a young company! We have also been able to Host our own Hometown Benefit Rodeo with all the help from our supporters.

Benefit Rodeo

Rodeo Naked has started doing an Annual Benefit Rodeo in Queen Creek, AZ. After last year's success to donate and Volunteer to the victims of Hurricane Harvey from our Rodeo. This year we plan on Helping out the victims from the California Wild Fires and also donate to a Program called Horses for Heroes to help our Veterans with PTSD through Equine Therapy.

About the Owner

Since the age of 3, Mr. Rodeo Naked has been a dedicated contestant starting as a Mutton Buster, growing to ride Calves, Steers, Bulls and Bareback Horses. He has qualified  many times to the finals of many associations through out his career from Jr Rodeo, High School Rodeo, College Rodeo, SWPBR, and Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo. Now is the Director at large for the rough stock in the Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo Association.

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We love seeing all the support from the likes, shares, comments, and pictures of you all wearing the Brand. Thank you for all the Support!!!